Packing / Finishing

It’s the little things that can make something truly spectacular instead of merely good. The finishing stage is about applying those finishing touches that gives our denim an artistic edge over the competitors. It is essential to ensure that our product not only meets but surpasses the clients’ expectations.

Post washing, the finishing department ensures that any custom changes desired by the clients have been incorporated into the design. Adjustments are made as per the client specifications and brand labels are added. Garments are then folded, stacked, and placed according to the colours, brand, style, and size.

otal production output per month = 100000 pieces
Total no of machines in stitching department = 200
Total no of spray booth positions = 05
Total no of hydro-extractors = 02
Total no of machines in finishing department = 20
Total no of cutting tables = 3
Total no of washing machines = 05
Total no dryers = 08

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